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Nov 08 2012
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Obama-gets-bear-hug-by-pizza-shop-owner.-Photo-by-Saul-Loeb_AFP-e1347231698947Thank you, Florida!

Mitt Romney finally conceded Florida. The final election results:

President Barack Obama: 332 EVs

Mitt Romney: 206EVs

In the end, Romney managed only 33 more EVs than John McCain.

The popular vote numbers continue to fluctuate, but President Obama will probably end up winning by 3%. Not counting Andrew Jackson, only six Democratic presidents have ever been re-elected after serving a full term—Cleveland, Wilson, FDR, Truman and Clinton. Not since FDR has a Democrat been elected twice with 50% or more of the vote.

Please do yourself a favor and watch the president's incredibly genuine and emotional—more tears!—remarks to his Chicago staff after the election. Can you imagine Mitt Romney or John McCain being able to make this kind of an honest speech? Remember this the next time those assholes on the right snark about the TelePrompTer:




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