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Nov 08 2012
Sparks & Procreation: Anti-Gay Snakes On A Plane Comments (10)

Mark-BlaneMark Blane, who actually probably can procreate

Boy Culture stalwarts might remember Mark Blane as the playwright behind the bullying-themed play The Rock & The Ripe.

But now, he's written about something involving harassment that really happened to him—an older couple sitting beside him on a flight went out of their way to chastise him for his support of President Obama and for his "chosen" sexuality:

"He looked at me and said very calmly, 'You can’t procreate. You cannot procreate…'

"He asked me about three times in a row 'how can gay people contribute to society?' I told him that many wonderful gay couples adopt children, and they give them wonderful lives. The man was not having it.

"His wife urged him to stop talking to me. 'Stop talking to him,' she declared as if I was some poisonous urchin."

Check out Mark's story and let me know what you think you would have done: Ignored them, engaged them to the point where the flight may have been disrupted or maybe exactly what Mark did—defend yourself and then move?



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