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Dec 03 2012
Banning Together Comments (0)

An Evangelical group is trying to stop implementation of a landmark California ban on ex-gay Ancient-trepanning"therapy," claiming it infringes on the private rights of patients. Makes perfect sense, because obviously the customer is always right.

Mathew Staver, dean of Liberty University law school, claims:

"What we have here is the state coming into the doctor-patient, client-counselor relationship and saying that you can only present one viewpoint."

Yeah, in the same way the big, bad government only allows one viewpoint on whether bleeding or trepanning people are effective ways of promoting wellness.

Speaking of theocratic nonsense, a group of gay men in Libya have spoken out about their horrifying treatment at the hands of that country's largest Islamic milita, including a man in drag being beaten until he confessed he was gay—and then being taken away, never to be seen again.



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