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Dec 12 2012
Boy Culture Brief Gift Guide 2012 Comments (0)

Mcginnis-wrapping-paperIt's paper, Dolls!

I used to hate doing these for the teen mag I founded, but that was because the subject matter had to Last-Christmas-Matthew-Duffybe squeaky clean and had to interest teenage girls. For Boy Culture, I can cut loose, so I did—hope you will find these helpul or at least amusing. Many of them are personally owned and approved by me!

Oh, and for your listening enjoyment as you peruse/surf, here's a free download of "Last Christmas" by Matthew Duffy. Amazing that this is now one of the biggest contemporary holiday standards in the U.S.—the Wham! original never even hit the Top 40 here.


XmasUNEMPLOYED? OH, YEAH! Kool Aid Gets Fired, by illustrator Tim Piotrowski—one of the most successful mini-comics ever. ✓GIVE IT

VERY IMPORTANT DATES I own the limited 2013 Andrew Christian 12-Month Calendar—it's high-quality and has high-quality tail for only $12. ✓GIVE IT

WINTER WONDER-LAND Pre-ordering The World According to Wonder for your quirky BFF would be wonderful. ✓GIVE IT

TEENAGE DREAM For any teenage girls on your list, consider The Mahomie Bundle. Cute Austin Mahone is the next big thing—bank on it. ✓GIVE IT

IT'S A WRAP Gotta love Mister McGinnis's studly gift wrap, especially the "Chests, Nuts, & Fire" and "A Very Hairy Christmas" sheets. ✓GIVE IT

EDGY Pan that makes only brownies with crust!!! ✓GIVE IT

I WANT YOU Still got some Madonna prints by Richard Corman left. They're gorgeous and strictly limited. That first one decorates my work space. ✓GIVE IT

DOES THE RUGBY MATCH THE DRAPES? Get a body like Gareth Thomas's in seven days! Or just ogle his. ✓GIVE IT

IF THE SPIRIT MOVES YOU For art lovers, Spirit & Flesh Magazine. Its debut has a cover for each deadly sin. ✓GIVE IT

YOU MUST BE CHOKING An inventive feeder to make your dog eat like a normal person instead of wolfing down that kibble. ✓GIVE IT

NO PICNIC Boys on your list? I loved ant farms. And they look the same 35 years later—like Morgan Fairchild! ✓GIVE IT

FLASHY This Sony is the camera I use. Makes you a pro in one click. ✓GIVE IT




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