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Dec 07 2012
Go 4th: Call Me Adam's Birthday Q&A Comments (0)

Call-Me-Adam-Linda-LavinRothenberg with Mike Doyle, Leslie Jordan & Linda Lavin. Logo by Billy Mitchell/Jay Cooper.

Today is the fourth anniversay of Adam Rothenberg's popular Q&A-based site Call Me Adam, which focuses on theater and entertainment. In honor of a milestone many blogs never reach, I turned the tables, interviewing the interviewer...

Boy Culture: What made you launch your site?

Adam Rothenberg: I originally started it four years ago as "Adaumbelle's Quest" because I was on a hiatus from pursuing a career in comedy and was looking for a way to continue entertaining people. I started reading interviews on various entertainment Web sites and realized I had questions I wanted to ask performers, so my friend suggested I start my own blog—and I did.

BC: Where did you get the original name?

AR: The original name was created out of a play on my name from a situation that happened when I was a customer service rep for this company in Boston. It was supposed to be pronounced "A dumb bell's quest," but not many people could remember the name or would mispronounce it. Finally, after three years, I decided it was time to change the name. You came up with the name "Call Me Adam." I loved it and people loved it. "Call Me Adam" is much easier to remember. I feel like it's caught on better, which is very exciting.

BC: What are your favorite Broadway shows?

AR: My favorite Broadway show of all time is Tommy. To this day, I still listen to the music and when I do, I remember the set, the actors, but most of all, I remember how I didn't want to see this show at the time, but afterwards was very happy I did. That, to me, is the power of Broadway. My other favorite shows are Thoroughly Modern MillieAvenue QCabaretLes Misérables, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Sister ActWicked, Next To Normal, 9 to 5, Proof and August: Osage County.

Me, Oliva, Mom, DadYou have to believe Call Me Adam is magic...

BC: Who have been the most exciting people you've met via your blog?

AR: Everyone I have ever interviewed is exciting because they have taken time out of their life to answer my questions. I have been, however, very fortunate to meet and interview some of my idols over these past four years, including Olivia Newton-John, Jo Dee Messina, Rue McClanahan, Leslie Jordan, Dorothy Lyman, Charles Busch, Julie Halston, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Martha Wash, Eve Plumb, Joyce DeWitt, Michael Feinstein, Chita Rivera, Betty Buckley, Janis Ian, Linda Eder and Mike Doyle. I have also been introduced to such performers as Kim Smith, Bobby Cronin, LaQuet Sharnell, Katie Thompson and a host of others. I have also met and made some wonderful friends amongst my fellow bloggers, fans and press reps.

BC: Who would you pick as the three sexiest guys in Broadway history?

AR: Broadway has had so many sexy men. Of the guys I've seen on Broadway, I would say Cheyenne Jackson, Hugh Panaro, Gavin Creel, Matthew Morrison, Daniel Reichard, Norm Lewis, Raul Esparza, Michael Ceveris, Max Von Essen and Will Chase. I couldn't narrow it down to just three! All of these guys are so sexy because they are the complete package...stellar voices, great actors, very easy on the eyes, but most of all, they have all been very nice to me when I met them and to me, that is one of the sexiest qualities of all.

Adam and Cheyenne JacksonMr. Jackson...if you're nasty

BC: You're a known Cheyenne Jackson fan—what's he like now that you've met him?

AR: I am definitely a big fan of Cheyenne Jackson. Ever since I saw him in Thoroughly Modern Millie, I have followed his career. He has grown so much in these past 10 years and it's been a joy to watch his success. I was sad that The Performers closed quickly. I really enjoyed it and wished it could have run longer.

BC: What advice do you have for someone who wants to launch a blog?

AR: If you don't bleed or cry, just do it. This has been one of, if not the most, rewarding ventures I have taken so far in my life. It has allowed me to achieve my childhood dream of really being in the heart of the entertainment industry and getting to meet those I've admired throughout my life as well as discovering new talent. I think you can make a living as a blogger. I personally have not been able to yet, but I hope one day I'll be able to. Until then, I'm just very happy to have the experiences I do.

CMA Square LogoAdam Rothenberg is the host and founder of Call Me Adam, the entertainment blog that asks artists and performers the heartfelt and fun questions other sites don't. While on hiatus from pursuing a career in stand-up comedy, Adam was looking for ways to continue to entertain people. Four years later and over 15,000 views a month, Adam has interviewed a host of talent from Tony, Emmy, and Grammy winners to those just starting out. His past participants include Olivia Newton-JohnJanis IanLinda LavinAlice RipleyEve PlumbJoyce DeWittBetty BuckleyMichael FeinsteinMartha WashChita RiveraLeslie Jordan and Rue McClanahan. Follow him on Twitter @CallMeAdamNYC and Facebook.



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