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Dec 31 2012
Clang! Clang! Clang! Went The Bigot Comments (4)

The New York Times states that Matt Grubbs, owner of Discover Annapolis Tours, is discontinuing wedding services aboard his trollies rather than work with the expected gay couples now that Maryland is legalizing same-sex marriage on the 1st of January.

Egomedia-photography-USNA-blizzard_LGThe paper—and Grubbs—characterizes this as an act of "Christian conviction." I call bullshit. It's not Christian to refuse to so much as do business with a gay person, a gay married person or even with someone who is, in a Christian's opinion, sinning. This man has served couples he knows full well had sex prior to being married, he serves people he assumes lie and cheat and maybe even steal (or doesn't ask)...why is the "sin" of being gay and married put on a higher plane than any other?

I agree with the straight groom who made this a story by publicizing it as "repressive bigotry"—that's what it is, bigotry. It's his right to be a bigot, but it's mine to point it out. The fool is dropping $50K a year with this decision, so it's not not morally misguided, it's just plain dumb.



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