The Association Your Nightly Briefing 

Dec 14 2012
All You Want For Christmas Comments (0)

Courtesy of Aydin Arjomand, Gabriel Gastelum & Shawn Adeli

This is the fifth in a series of articles from The Underwear Expert

Colby Melvin took the blogosphere by storm this year with his charming personality, good looks and, well, because his ass looks real good in a pair of briefs. Because we seemingly have nothing else to do over here at The Underwear Expert, we decided to take the California-based southern boy's greatest shots and give them some holiday "spirit."Ever wanted to see Colby as a submissive elf? Naughty Santa? Holy relic? Now's your chance! And here you were thinking you were too naughty to get presents this year. Check out the pics in the gallery above, and click here for more Colby Melvin than you know what to do with.


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