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Dec 10 2012
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Gay-straight-as-a-candy-caneFrom here: They better run!

Widget boy cultureTHE SKIN CROWD: Boston's 12th Annual Santa Speedo Run.

Widget boy cultureKathleen Turner killing it in The Killing of Sister George?

Widget boy cultureSoledad O'Brien's been awesome, so of course must be replaced. Beekmans-Amazing-Race-gay-shirtless-Jason-Wu-Damiana-drag-aging

Widget boy cultureBeekmans make up for lost PDA time.

Widget boy cultureLady Gaga tour bombing—in South America.

Widget boy cultureMen denied marriage license in '70 still together over 40 years later.

Widget boy cultureGay retirement options looking up.

Widget boy cultureObama follows good news to MI.

Widget boy cultureIt's a Damiana & Tanya mystery.

Widget boy cultureMeet fashion superstar Jason Wu.

Widget boy cultureLesbian not guilty over her DOMA role.

Widget boy cultureChicago: False-confession mecca.

Widget boy cultureMore Matt Raimo than you can handle.

Widget boy culture"Most parents would prefer their children not to be gay."—Tory

Widget boy culture

Via Rod: I've never made dinner quite like this:



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