Guydar Gallery Words To Action: President Obama's Sandy Hook Eulogy 

Dec 17 2012
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Phillip & Stephen
Cameron, Kelly & Hannah
Idalia & Angelie
Karen & Alli
Lilly & Ashley
Stephanie & Sarah
Steve & Josh Snyder-Hill
Zachary & Marvin
Zachary, Marshal, Emma & Taylor

I was excited to receive these images from Australian photographer Tatjana Plitt and am happy to share them in the above gallery. These are from a project she's been working on called Gay Warriors that captures portraits of same-sex couples who served under Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

As Plitt points out, the elimination of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, while a huge step, has not ended gay soldiers' problems thanks tot he existence of DOMA.

Plitt describes her work as paying "homage to the historic imagery of the 17th century marriage and family portraits," which I think comes across beautifully.

She hopes to conclude with at least 50 couples. If you like her work so far, please visit her Kickstarter and help her see it through.



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