The (Other) Sen. Obama From Illinois Let's Work This Out 

Dec 07 2012
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Benjamin-godfre-long-johns-underwear-shirtlessTo be fair, Benjamin Godfre looks good in short johns, too...

This is the fourth in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert

Winter is here and so, thankfully, are long johns (and pictures of barefoot guys in long johns). Men's underwear brands went headfirst into the oft-ignored cut of underwear this winter to allow their dedicated customers the chance to wear their underwear year-round.

Everyday brands as varied as Andrew Christian and Emporio Armani have released supersleek, ultra-comfortable long underwear and luxury brands like Hanro and Under are getting in on the game, too.

Sparked by Nasty Pig, a new trend has even emerged: Long johns as outerwear.

Check out our collection of long johns from brands you may never have heard of as well as looks from brands you probably didn't previously associate with winterwear.

Which pair (and model) among the following is your favorite?

Timoteo-Sport2.0-longjohns-black1Timoteo Sport Long John ($36)

Frank-Dandy-Cavalares-Long-John-WhiteFrank Dandy Calavares Long John ($29)

2XIST-TARTAN-Long-Johns-White2(X)ist Tartan Long John ($34)

Hanro-Light-Merino-long-underwear-4026-4028Hanro Light Merino Long Underwear ($145)

Under-Underwear-Irving-Long-JohnUnder Underwear Irving Long John (£50)

For more long johns (and photos of guys in long johns), head to The Underwear Expert.



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