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Dec 17 2012
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RomanceJack Hanlon, who appeared in the silent film The General (1926) as well as two Our Gang shorts, has passed away at the age of 96. His most interesting credit to me is that he received a sweet kiss from Greta Garbo in Romance (1930); she got an Oscar nomination for the part and he got a good memory, no credit and no more than $5.

Incidentally, Frederica Sagor Maas, the woman who wrote Garbo's Flesh and the Devil (1926), also died recently—within the past year. She was a supercentenarian, the only one ever to be famous for more than simply her old age.

I had never heard of Mr. Hanlon, nor was his name on the regrettably short list of human beings who, as of the moment before he passed, had appeared in a silent film in any capacity and were still living—so I wonder if there are more out there than we know. I hope so.



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