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Dec 24 2012
Jack Klugman Dies At 90 Comments (1)

The-odd-couple-12Tony Randall passed away in 2004

Jack Klugman, forever famous as "Oscar Madison" on The Odd Couple and as the titular coroner on Quincy M.E., has died at age 90.

Large_the_twilight_zone_blu-ray_10xAm I steppin' into the Twilight Zone?

Earlier this year, he had been attached to star in the George Street Playhouse production of Twelve Angry Men in New Brunswick, New Jersey, but dropped out due to his health.

Klugman was once married to Match Game diva Brett Somers, who died in 2007.  Though they'd separated in the '70s, Somers and Klugman never divorced. He remarried at age 85 his partner of 20 years, Peggy Crosby, the ex-wife of Bing Crosby's son Philip Crosby.

I loved both of his most famous shows. There were some Quincy M.E. episodes that were burned into my brain because they dealt with issues I found very confusing at the time. One was about a runaway who got involved in making porno movies. I recall a hot guy doing push-ups before her scene with him, and to the best of my recollection, she was located just in time.

Jane-Greer-Quincy-Dori-Larkin-plastic-surgery"Dori Larkin" (Jane Greer) didn't look so bad under the veil, but the reveal was haunting (note the eyes)

The other was about a famous actress (Jane Greer) whose face had been marred by a crappy plastic surgeon. God, I would love to watch that one now. (Actually, I'm about to do so here.)

And he was also, of course, a veteran of several classic Twilight Zone episodes.

Klugman was a great actor and also had huge charisma as an everyday person; he was someone it would have felt natural to go up to and say, "Hiya!" if you saw him on the street.

Another TV legend gone.



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