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Dec 17 2012
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Gustavo-Archilla-Elmer-Lokkins-gay-marriage-equalityThe grooms made it legal in Canada after 58 years

Widget boy cultureGustavo Archilla, marriage equality icon, dies at 96.

Widget boy culturePatrick Henry College founder: Gay students don't exist. Science-evolution

Widget boy cultureConservatives quitting party over marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureHawking: Pardon Alan Turing.

Widget boy cultureGay activists picket the Pope.

Widget boy culturePope blesses Rebecca "Kill the Gays" Kadaga.

Widget boy cultureLimbaugh's misogynist Hillary joke.

Widget boy cultureVia MadonnaTribe: Madonna does cry for Argentina.

Widget boy cultureProving evolution, limb by limb.

Widget boy cultureJarrod Scott is really, really hot:

Jarrod-scott-shirtlessI want muscles...all over his body...




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