Guydar Gallery: Tanks For The Memories Big, Big Win 

Dec 05 2012
Need To Know Comments (3)

Richard-widmarkDisabled? Rebublicans couldn't care less.

Widget boy cultureRepublicans thumb noses at wheelchair-bound Bob Dole.

Widget boy cultureScorching-hot cub calendar for charity. Kate-Middleton-shirtless-cub-blackface-Jayson-Blair-Paul-Rudd-Vanity-Fair-Niall-Horan-One-Direction

Widget boy cultureHillary Clinton is totally running in '16. C'mon.

Widget boy cultureIs Kate Middleton a gay icon? C'mon.

Widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper went blind for 36 hours.

Widget boy cultureMike Diamond sweats Ben Cohen's jock.

Widget boy cultureHandicapping Supreme Court Justice deaths.

Widget boy cultureTrade association NRECA selects homophobic head.

Widget boy cultureEven more Jayson Blair.

Widget boy cultureDutch treat blackface as jolly Christmas tradition.

Widget boy cultureNewest Vanity Fair cover looks funny "ha-ha." 

Widget boy cultureParis Hilton's a DJ...wait, what did she used to be?

Widget boy cultureBoybands ready to scratch each other's eyes out.

Widget boy cultureMadonna's touring must-haves.

Widget boy cultureTop sugar daddy misconceptions. (Wait, aren't any of 'em bottoms?)

Sugar-daddyI wouldn't say no. I'm unemployed!



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