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Dec 18 2012
Legendary AIDS Activist Spencer Cox Dies Comments (2)


Spencer Cox, 44, one of the world's most prominent AIDS activists and a highly respected "citizen scientist" recently features in How to Survive a Plague, has passed away. Sorry for two obituaries in a row—especially considering the value of what Mr. Cox offered our community.

Cox wrote for Poz in 2006:

"Some of my friends lived for almost 20 years through a flood of death, illness, fear and sadness. And when effective treatment came along and the dying slowed—at least in much of the developed world—everyone assumed that things had gotten better, that we didn’t need to think about it anymore. But I don’t think that’s true. I think those of us who were in the middle of it were deeply affected by what we experienced and that it affects the choices we make today. I wonder if that’s not partly why the depression rate among gay men is about three times higher than among straight men.

"Because of my memories of those times, I try to appreciate life and the people special to me. But I can also see that I have to fight off an ongoing fear that things could go suddenly, terribly wrong, that the worst-case scenario is also the most likely."


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