The End The Long Engagement 

Dec 13 2012
Butt...Butt...Butt... Comments (19)

Fake-Madonna-buttA pic like this raises questions

Here is what I'm not saying:

I'm not saying it means Madonna is a bad person if she has had "work done." I'm not saying Madonna isn't gorgeous. I'm not saying she isn't in killer shape. I'm not saying she doesn't work hard. I'm not saying she hasn't always had a great butt.

Madonna-butt-1987Whose butt is that, girl?

Here is what I am saying:

I don't think her present butt is real. Entirely. I first realized something was different at that vodka promo when she showed up in short-shorts. Her butt was precociously huge, and it seemed to be so all of a sudden—30 years into her public life.

Madonna-buttocksMadonna's killer—but no filler—ass during Confessions and Sticky & Sweet

During MDNA, Madonna flaunts her huge, juicy butt at several points during the show. It's magnificent, but it also looks slightly unreal. It's hard for me to accept that she went from having a great butt to a great and voluminious butt when she was already past 50 only due to working out (though I have met her trainer and everyone says her trainer is fab). I don't think there are enough squats in the world to do this:


I know some will think, "Who cares?" But really, fans are interested in minute matters like this. I welcome your input: 

No, she's all real back there. Yoga, etc.

She probably stuffs and masks it with flesh-colored tights.

Injections. She definitely ain't afraid of needles.




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