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Dec 14 2012
Madonna's Future: Tour, Tour, Tour Comments (8)


With thanks to Johnny: Madonna's performance on Billboard's year-end charts is pretty great—30 years after her debut, she is the #23 overall artist of the year, #42 among Billboard 200 Artists, #3 among Dance/Electronic Artists, #5 among Dance/Club Artists.

Most impressively, Madonna's MDNA was the #1 tour of the year (numbers reflect only part of the tour, which ain't over yet):

Gross = $228,406,085

Attendance = 1,635,176

Shows/Sold-Out Shows = 72/72

MDNA performed as follows:

Billboard Albums = #44 [FYI: Lionel Richie's Tuskegee, which she beat to the pole position, was #9!]

Current Albums = #42

Dance/Electronic Albums = #2

Canadian Albums = #40

Her various singles performed as follows:

"Turn Up the Radio" = #33 Dance/Club Songs

"Give Me All Your Luvin'" = #41 Dance/Club Songs, #76 Canadian Hot 100

"Girl Gone Wild" = #44 Dance/Club Songs




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