Aging Report: Are Gay Men More Ageist Than Ever? Signs Of The Times 

Dec 09 2012
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Tony-Sullivan-Richard-AdamsThere came the grooms

Please check out this fascinating-looking documentary Limited Partnershipabout the 40-year relationship of marriage-equality pioneers Richard Adams and Tony Sullivan, who managed to be (briefly) legally married in Boulder, Colorado, in 1975.

The doc has raised more than its $30,000 goal, but could always use more cash to get made.

On a different tangent, I'd love to know if people like this lady:

...who spoke so coldly as she voiced her opinion that the men should be separated and that Tony should be shipped "back where you came from," are still as resolute in their opinions now as they were many years ago. Would be an interesting documentary in and of itself—tracking down rabid bigots who made their opinions known on TV shows /in the news in the '50s onward and finding out if they've changed their minds.



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