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Dec 21 2012
Shooting From The Hip Comments (8)

120621_wayne_lapierre_reuters_328Arms and the man

Crazy NRA lobbyist Wayne LaPierre has spoken, and it appears he thinks video games (like Call of Kindergarten_KillerDuty and...Kindergarten Killers???) are the problem, not guns. "When did 'gun' become a bad word?" he asked without irony. When did it become a good word?

LaPierre's appearance had been billed as a press conference, but you can't call it that when you refuse to ask questions. That's a one-man show.

The ultimate message? We need MORE, not fewer, guns in schools. The Republicans, who've long warned of a police state, seem to want exactly that—armed cops in every single school.

One of the smartest things I read about people needing guns was on Twitter: "Wasn't Adam Lanza's first victim heavily armed?"

More guns won't do the trick. Fewer guns will help, even if nothing will eliminate the risk of lunatics going postal.