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Dec 15 2012
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Gossip-Ola-Ray-Thriller-Michael-JacksonNow 'n' then

Ola Ray, Michael Jackson's leading lady from his "Thriller" music video, is now 52 and tells Globe (December 24, 2012) she has a contract stating she is due 6% of all profits from the video. She was paid no more than $25,000 over the years, not counting "stupid residual checks" for amounts like $23.

Also of note is her story of their star-crossed non-affair:

"I did see him naked. I thought he was very cute and sexy—and he wanted 'it.' But I wasn't that kind of girl. I believe in relationships—and wanted to be in one with him."

Unfortunately, Mama Jackson allegedly disapproved. Gee, you'd think she'd disapprove of his hanging out with nubile teenage boys and sleeping over with them more than she would of his pursuing a relationship with a rather conservative-sounding young adult woman!



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