Need To Know: Sandy Hook Massacre These Should Come In Handy 

Dec 16 2012
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Bonnem Pevsner Olson
Doug Spearman
Nelson Van Eddy
Ryland Shelton Leon Acord

Just about a month out from the season-season premiere of the Web series Old Dogs & New Tricks (January 30), several new stills are upon us as a holiday treat from the producers!

Creator/star Leon Acord says:

"That short first season really was just an introduction to the boys. This season, the world they live in expands almost exponentially. It's very exciting to see our characters out in the real world, and interacting with a range of different people."

The 10-episode season features guest spots for Greg Louganis, Ian Buchanan, Thom Bierdz, Michael Kearns and Terri Garber.



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