Clark Visions Boy Culture Brief Gift Guide 2012 

Dec 12 2012
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Madonna-Adam-LambertPlease sing "Gambler" or "Rescue Me"

Widget boy culture"Proud" Adam Lambert "excited" to cover Madonna on VH1 Divas.

Widget boy cultureAtlanta mayor is for marriage equality. One-Direction-shirtless-Zayn-Malik-Donna-Summer-Hillary-Clinton-Christine-Quinn

Widget boy cultureMichael Clarke Duncan: Branding 101.

Widget boy cultureGoogle's top celebs of '12 are dead.

Widget boy cultureMust the rest of Chic die to enter the Rock Hall of Fame?

Widget boy cultureNew queer performance series hits NYC.

Widget boy cultureA free song for gay heroes of the past.

Widget boy cultureHillary Clinton has the world by the balls.

Widget boy cultureFor Russians who don't GET Americans.

Widget boy cultureclubtastic "White Christmas".

Widget boy cultureChristine Quinn vs. at Injustice Scalia.

Widget boy cultureCool Hunting's annual gift guide.

Widget boy cultureTaylor Swift Yoko Onoing One Direction?

Widget boy cultureWhat happened on the last 12/12/12.

12-12-12Wonder what they were doing on 12/12 in 12 A.D.?



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