Need To Know Your Nightly Briefing 

Dec 26 2012
Ryan Murphy's Latest Production Comments (3)

Yesterday, Glee (among other things) creator Ryan Murphy and his partner David Miller announced the arrival of their new son, Logan.

In September, Murphy told Vogue of his aspiration to be  dad:

"...[W]e both had really difficult, tumultuous upbringings, and it’s...not a way to heal that...but definitely a way to explore it. Also, I thought if I don’t do this...I’m 46...I will really, really regret it...I have really bad OCD. My thing, since I was a child, is that I can have chaos within control. So if I have a desk, I art-direct the pens, and then I can be a whirling dervish. I want the kid to be bold. And I have a lot of preparation, dealing with these actors. Really? Fuck you. I’m going to do the opposite of what you want. But I realize, you just have to let go or you’re screwed."



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