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Dec 28 2012
Generally Speaking Comments (14)

Not to Madonna-ize every piece of news, but I think that right after "Kuwait," "Madonna" is the second thing I think of whenever I (rarely) hear the name "Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf." The retired general, whose name was on everyone's lips during the first Gulf War, was a totally unexpected part of what I still consider to be Madonna's all-time best live performance, her rendition of "Sooner or Later" at the Oscars in 1991. (See above.)


My other Schwarzkopf story is that when I was in NYC for the second time ever, tagging along to the American Booksellers' Association convention with my mentor (a lit agent), we went to see my second-ever Broadway show—The Will Rogers Follies

It was a silly show, but I was impressed that not one but two stars were in the audience—Erma Bombeck  (1927—1996) and Schwarzkopf. I'm ashamed to report that the audience stood up and cheered the general and totally ignored Erma.

Anyway, Gen. Schwarzkopf died today at age 78, and he should R.I.P. even if I was a much bigger fan of Madonna's and of Bombeck's.



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