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Dec 14 2012
Who's Gay, Who's Not, Who's Writing This? Comments (2)

National Examiner (December 24, 2012) takes its crack at the shopworn "Who's Gay Who's Not!" cover story, muddying the waters by placing Keanu Reeves (not out), Lily Tomlin (out) and David Hyde Pierce (out) under "New Stars Come Out!" (Lily's been out for many years, David's been out for several.)

The most interesting write-up involves Rush Limbaugh:

"The 61-year-old conservative radio host has been married four times—his latest wife, Kathryn, is only 35.

"But he's never had any children, and he's long been the subject of homosexual rumors.

"In 2006, he was snared in a bizarre sex scandal when customs officers at Palm Beach International Airport found a bottle of 29 sex-boosting Viagra pills in his luggage—with the prescription written out in another man's name! At that time, he was flying home from a visit to the Dominican Republic, dubbd the 'sex capital of the Caribbean,' famous for its many red-light districts where young boys and girls sell their bodies for sex...

"The whispers in chi-chi Palm Beach, Fla., where Limbaugh has a $40 million compound, are that currently, Kathryn spends a lot of 'quality time' in her own nearby condo, which was a wedding present from her groom."

Here are the rag's conclusions...

Probably Gay, Not Out

Barry Manilow

Kevin Spacey

Gay, Out

Meredith Baxter

Anderson Cooper

Neil Patrick Harris

Linda Hunt

David Hyde Pierce

Lily Tomlin

Not Gay, But Story Has Some Innuendo

Justin Bieber

Kenny Chesney: "[T]he 44-year-old singer can't seem to shake rumors that he'd really rather go out with the boys."

Kelly Clarkson

George Clooney: "Now one of his constant companions is his handsome male hairdresser, Waldo Sanchez!...But George insists he's not gay, and even if he were, what's wrong with that?"

Simon Cowell

Hugh Jackman

Keanu Reeves

Not Gay

Ryan Seacrest

Someone was paid to write this story, filled with obviously gay stars juxtaposed with stars on whose sexual orientation the magazine doesn't even have the balls to take a stand.



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