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Jan 16 2013
Fanboying @ The Golden Globes Comments (11)

DSC04162 Golden-GlobesOscar who?

DSC04180 Bryan-Cooper-Matthew-RettenmundWhile in L.A., I was contacted by my friend Bryan (that's us pictured) and invited to share space with him in a special VIP area near the arrivals. It put me right up front and within 10 to 30 feet of all the stars, so that I was able to spot them while they were still in the backseats of their limos, watch them emerge and wave to fans and then enter.

It was pretty fun in spite of the arctic weather (by L.A.'s standards) and long amount of time on my feet (we arrived at 11:30AM, the first stars appeared around 2:30 PM, the show started at 5PM).

DSC04496 Jessica-ChastainThe fans there were hilarious. Mostly young, they would shriek out each star's name as if he or she were their ultimate idol. (At one point, someone yelled out to Amanda Seyfriend, "Amanda! You're my #1!") One young, straight boy next to me kept shouting the oddest, most specific things, like, "Oh, my gosh! Steve Buscemi! I'm on season three of your show!" or "Jessica Chastain! You're my second favorite actress this year!" Much too close to a conversation in order to be yelled, but highly amusing.

Most of the stars gave the fans some notice, but it ranged from having to be told to do it (as Eddie Redmayne was, by his PR) to a brief wave (Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence), to repeated smiles and other silent means of communication (Nicole Kidman), to the few who came right over to us and strutted their stuff with the everyday folk (only Connie Britton, Jimmy Fallon, Jessica Chastain and George Clooney went that far).

DSC04556 Hugh-JackmanHugh do something to me...something that simply mystifies me...

I was most dazzled by the first star to arrive—Debra Messing. I love her, and it was exciting to see her pop out so early. The last star to arrive was Orlando Bloom, who was promptly goosed in the privates by Miranda Kerr, who used her handbag to semi-discreetly make that point.

Enjoy the belated photos...

  DSC04173 Kelly-OsbournePurple haze: Kelly Osbourne & Matthew Mosshart

DSC04187 Golden-Globes-Ernst-YoungOMG, it's Ernst & Young, y'all

DSC04201 Matt-Lauer-Savannah-GuthrieMatt Lauer & Savannah Guthrie

DSC04699 Matt-LauerAs if on cue...

DSC04595 Matt-Leblanc-Savannah-GuthrieTheir chemistry was...astounding

DSC04196 Savannah-Guthrie-Matt-Lauer"At least my hair will be better than Ann Curry's."

DSC0426 Julianne-Hough7Like many cubs, Ryan Seacrest still has his beard (Julianne Hough)

DSC04214 Debra-MessingThere but for the "Grace"—Debra Messing

DSC04223 unknownWho is this?

DSC04225 Lena-OlinLena on me: Lena Olin

DSC04238 Amy-AdamsAmy Adams popped out of her car right next to us

DSC04242 Amy-AdamsSquare-cut or pear-shape...

DSC04252 Amy-AdamsOne of the few full-length fashion shots I snagged

DSC04268 SmashMegan Hilty looked Smashing

DSC04262 Mayim-Bialik-BlossomThe painful glamour of Mayim Bialik

DSC04278 Max-GreenfieldNew Boy: The inestimably tasty Max Greenfield with Christian Borle

DSC04292 unknownPolitical Animal and social butterfly Carla Gugino

DSC04294 unknownWho am I?

DSC04299 Zooey-DeschanelAre you a Zooey-phile?

DSC04307 Megan-FoxMegan Fox strikes me as utterly one-dimensional and plastic, but...pretty, I guess

DSC04313 Megan-FoxMegan's hands-on boyf, Brian Austin Green

DSC04320 unknownWho am I?

DSC04324 Johnny-Galecki
DSC04402 John-GoodmanA mini Roseanne reunion: Johnny Galecki & John Goodman

DSC04331 Lena-DunhamGirls: Tate Donovan, Victor Garber & Lena Dunham

DSC04334 Tate-DonovanFirst Tate

DSC04337 Lena-DunhamLena Dunham's look of love for her boyfriend

DSC04353 Steve-BuscemiA parting glance from Steve Buscemi

DSC04355 Lena-DunhamBuscemi embraces the Girls phenomenon

DSC04360 unknownWho am I, on the right? (I'm not Owen Wilson.)

DSC04363 unknownWho am I?

DSC04366 Adam-DriverIn the Driver's seat: Adam Driver

DSC04381 Jay-LenoAll talk: Jay Leno

DSC04385 Tina-Fey-Amy-Poehler
DSC04389 Amy-Poehler-Tina-Fey"Tina, your butt looks great!" Amy Poehler & Tina Fey

  DSC04394 Michael-J-FoxLife with Mikey: Michael J. Fox + his life partner & wife, Tracy Pollan

DSC04410 redheaded-guyHunk Central: Bradley Cooper & Damian Lewis

DSC04416 Sally-FieldOh, Mary (Todd Lincoln)!: Sally Field

DSC04428 Glenn-Close-Jay-LenoJay Leno has a Glenn Close encounter

DSC04430 Lucy-LiuCar 128, Where Are You?: Lucy Liu

DSC04443 Bradley-CooperThis reminded me of Cannes—Bradley Cooper waves hello/good-bye

DSC04445 Zsa-Zsa-Gabor-husbandZsa Zsa's delusional husband/parasite Prince Frederic von Anhalt thought people cared

DSC04453 Jonah-HillOver the Jonah Hill

DSC04449 Aziz-AnsariWho's Aziz Ansari now?

DSC04462 Jack-BlackBlack party: Jack Black elicited loud screams

DSC04463 IndiaPatel me more, Patel me more: Dev Patel

DSC04467 James-WolkNobody even recognized James Wolk

DSC04478 Matt-LeblancMatt Leblanc is now the same age people like Rock Hudson were in the '70s

DSC04483 Jessica-Chastain
DSC04512 Jennifer-LawrenceBest actresses Jessica Chastain & Jennifer Lawrence should fight to the death for the Oscar

DSC04518 Steven-SpielbergSpielberg's skiksa wife Kate Capshaw later helped him wipe schmutz off his jacket

DSC04524 Naomi-WattsImpossibly beautiful Naomi Watts

DSC04541 Daniel-Craig-Rachel-WeiszMale Bond-ing: Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

DSC04548 OfficeOffice party: John Krasinski

DSC04552 Les-MizMiz Amanda Seyfried

DSC04566 Julie-ChenThe boss's wife: Julie Chen

DSC04571 Chris-TuckerA little Chris: Chris Tucker

DSC04576 Helen-HuntI'm on the Helen Hunt, I'm after you...

DSC04573 Hugh-JackmanJackman ran his hand over wife Deborra-Lee Furness's hip and ass for our benefit

DSC04593 John-HawkesJohn Hawkes-eye view

DSC04615 Jon-Bon-JoviJon Bon Jovi's smile was tighter than Ben Affleck's forehead

DSC04625 Justin-BarthaWorst Justin Bartha pic ever—makes him look dumpy and like he's touching it

DSC04634 Taylor-SwiftTaylor Swift's back

DSC04639 Nicole-KidmanKeith Urban dweller Nicole Kidman

DSC04640 Nicole-Kidman-Keith-UrbanDo you honestly think he's ever even sat through Birth?

DSC04643 Nicole-Kidman-Keith-Urban-Matt-LauerNicole & Keith are now at the hand-holding stage

DSC04649 Jimmy-FallonJimmy Fallon behaving like a real Arsenio

DSC04653 Tony KushnerI'm the only fan who was gaga for Tony Kushner

DSC04659 Kevin-CostnerSo close it was a Ty: Kevin Costner moves in on Ty Burrell

DSC04660 Modern-FamilyA Modern Family affair...Ty Burrell & Julie Bowen

DSC04662 Ewan-McGregorEwan McGregor was utterly dazzling on the carpet

DSC04666 Jeremy-IronsDead ringer for Jeremy Irons

DSC04670 Sam-WaterstonI was the only person who cared about Sam Waterston

DSC04677 Leah-MicheleHitting the right notes: Glee's Leah Michele

DSC04689 Richard-GereMy reaction to Richard Gere mirrored that of the silver-haired guy with the redhead

DSC04705 Orlando-BloomOrlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr were the last to arrive

Hot guyNot a star, but I'd like to make this security guy famous



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