Deflect Herself Trespassing Judgment 

Jan 22 2013
I'll Tumblr For You Comments (1)

FilipShirtless is okay. Jockstraps are not. Nor are pubes. Got it!

Push is coming to shove, money-and-time-wise, so I'm looking for ways to make my blog a bit more profitable—it will never be my primary livelihood—without changing it utterly.

To that end, I've been painstakingly going through all my 15,000 posts to eliminate anything that PreviewScreenSnapz001Google would find too provocative (butts, see-through, etc.—mostly images). I'm not sure I'll be able to "tone it down" overall enough to attract as many ads as my hits should be attracting—which is good for you.

I'm also seeking to improve my traffic always, so I'm doing a new tumblr which is billed as "'s dirty little brother"—it'll have the images I can't post here. Check it out and follow it if you like.

There is also my new-ish Facebook page for the blog, my old-ish Facebook page for me and my Twitter. Click any and all to follow!

And if you know of any companies that would like to sponsor me or have any other input, I'm always all ears and ain't too proud to beg.



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