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Jan 31 2013
Aid Is Enough Comments (0)
Considering she's dirt poor and losing her teeth, Eight is Enough star Susan Richardson looks kinda good in this photo from National Enquirer (February 11, 2013). However, it's the most pathetic photo caption ever. The poor woman's livelihood, as it were, is derived from making walking sticks for (undoubtedly also financially strapped) veterans! The article features a sympathetic comment from Dick Van Patten, who seems sad to hear of her trailer-park existence...but not sad enough to offer her money.
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)
Another hit of Alberto Guzman, who was a "YNB" boy from earlier this week.
Shock & McGraw Comments (6)
I'm not much of a fan in general, but wow, check out Tim McGraw's new torso. He tells People (February 11, 2013) that it's due to training with martial arts expert Roger Yuan for an hour and a half three times a day and a "strict no-sugar, no-wheat, high-protein diet (think tuna or grilled salmon)."
Prep Time May Vary Comments (0)
Always be prepared. And if not, always be open-minded. Let's do what we can to end the Boy Scouts' bigoted ban on gay participants by clicking here and doing taking every suggested action.
She Went This-a Way Comments (2)

Thelma-HoustonLove her or "Leave" her

I'll tell you what, Thelma Houston is much more of a guilt-free disco diva than some of the Bible-thumpers. Here, she speaks proudly about how "Don't Leave Me This Way" was co-opted by the AIDS movement:

"I had lost several of my friends, and we didn’t know exactly what was going on, so it was kind of a scary period. But to have my song associated with that movement, especially in terms of making people more knowledgeable, particularly about the AIDS crisis, I’m proud."

Great video interview after the jump...

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Agile Levine Comments (3)


Adam Levine covers Men's Health (March 2013). Inside, he talks up yoga as his fitness secret. And he's pretty fit. I'm sure the magazine's straight readership just adores the full-page image of Levine's hairy underarm that accompanies the story, too. Check out the gallery for more.

Off To A Ruff Start Comments (0)
Zachary Quinto's Dog Eat Dog premieres on Petsami...

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Caba-ray™: Press Day With One Of Film History's Best Casts Comments (10)

DSC07200Grey & York were very willkommen-ing

CabaretYesterday was the press day for the Cabaret 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Book & DVD (Warner Bros., $27.98), which included round-table interviews with cast members Joel Grey, Michael York and Marisa Berenson, as well as with director Bob Fosse's daughter Nicole, dancer Louise Quick and WB VP of Mastering Ned Price.

We had four nice people are our table, so there were no interruptions and very few awkward waves.

Price was happy to discuss his supervision of the restoration of numerous classics, not least of which the restored Cabaret. As odd as it seems for a film that's only 40 years old, the master print had a devastating tear (from a faulty cleaning in the '80s) that required painstaking reparation. (He confirmed that Warner Bros., thanks to its acquisition of various entities over the years, probably literally does not know every film it possesses; therefore, it's altogether possible they own prints of silent and other old movies that are considered lost! Rin Tin Tin features are on the way.)

DSC07198Fosse & Quick had encyclopedic knowledge of the film

Fosse and Quick were a giggly pair, though Fosse was quick (did you see what I did there?) to reprimand one questioner for innocently referring to her dad as a "choreographer"—she wanted it made clear that he was a director, and that dance was merely one weapon in his arsenal. She had fascinating memories of growing up the daughter of Fosse and Gwen Verdon, and Quick recalled her director's (not her choreographer's) exacting and yet nurturing nature.

That meant he was respectful of everyone on the ground-breaking production, and yet demanded multiple retakes—leading to dancers hoofing it for eight or 10 hours a day.

DSC07199For Berenson, acting is 100% about "giving"

Marisa-Berenson-CabaretMarisa Berenson is still gorgeous and slinky at 65, and yet entirely approachable and free with her memories of working with Fosse. (Keep in mind her first movies were under Fosse, Luchino Visconti and Stanley Kubrick—not bad for a model who, as she said herself, no one was sure could even act at first. (Spoiler alert: She could!)

CabaretQuick, Berenson, Robert Osborne, Grey, Fosse & York

The main attraction was getting to speak with Grey and York, who did their interviews together. Like the rest of the cast, they're very comfortable with each other, playfully razzing each other and jarring each other's memories.

DSC07201Grey told me his character was cemented in the original Broadway production

792344_10151404373571001_1435843724_oGrey—who at 80 looks like a 60-year-old version of himself—mischievously told us he has always avoided viewing any other iterations of Cabaret (sorry, Alan Cumming) but gave me the answer I was hoping for when he confirmed that his personal career highlights are this film and his work on the recent (amazing) revival of The Normal Heart.


After, he also whispered into my ear, "What is Boy Culture, anyway?" I told him, "A gay culture blog." He feigned a scandalized look and I joked, "Now you'll never work again." Awkwardly, a fellow reporter blurted out, "No, he has a daughterrrr." Oy.

DSC07205York's story of being forced to perform "The Money Song" at an appearance = hilarious

Michael-York-CabaretYork, 70, is hard to recognize these days, but was generous with his extensive memories of making Cabaret. He and Grey agreed they had no qualms about the film's then-shocking bisexual content. He also gamely spoke at length about deciding to do the film Logan's Run in the '70s, one of the day's rare tangents.

I, of course, was the first "journalist" in the room to ask Grey for a pic-with, which he warmly obliged. This led to open season on all of the stars, who were gracious in indulging all of us.

Tonight is the red-carpet premiere of the restored Cabaret, including Ms. Liza Minnelli herself doing the press line. Wish me luck and let me know what I should ask her should I be lucky enough to get in a question or two.


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