History's Hottest Movie Actors: My List (#25—#1) He's A Gay Poet, Wants You To Know It 

Jan 09 2013
Exit For The Doorman Comments (3)

Jeff3Here's a tip—"George Jefferson" is cheap

Ned-WertimerNed Wertimer, one of TV's most famous doormen (he was "Ralph" on The Jeffersons), has passed away at 89. I'd just met him a couple of years ago at a Hollywood Show. He and Marla Gibbs are tied with Carla Laemmle for the most inexpensive stars I've ever met—$5 apiece. I almost forgot to pay their measly fee and Wertimer turned to me and asked, in a way that tip-grubbing "Ralph" would've loved, "Are you gonna pay us?"



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