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Jan 13 2013
Jodie Foster's Private Declaration Comments (12)

Jodie-FosterI took this shot of Foster at the Globes, warmly acknowledging her screaming fans

Jodie Foster has doubled down on coming out, making a rambling and nervous but ultimately moving speech at the Golden Globes. Make no mistake, this is a major deal. Yes, "everyone" already knows, and it could be said that she had come out in 2007 when she acknowledged her then-partner in a public speech. But not "everyone" really did already know ("they" never do), Foster is a film icon and she is also a privacy icon—a woman whose public life was embroiled in a stalker's assassination attempt versus a president.

Basically, a (defensively) private public figure like Foster is still out. That makes a difference.

Good for her, and for us all.



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