Ad Men On The Drag: Werkin' The NYC Season 5 Premiere Party For RuPaul's Drag Race 

Jan 26 2013
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This is the twelfth in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert

Josh Duhamel is no stranger to stripping down. The Transformers actor actually got his start as a fashion model and even won Model of the Year in an International Modeling and Talent Association competition in 1997. You may have heard of the runner up—Ashton Kutcher. Yeah.

Here, we've gathered our Top 5 favorite Josh Duhamel underwear and swimwear sightings from his recent work and past exploits to celebrate his new movie Safe Haven and his being named this year’s host of the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards. Check them out below...




#5  Life as We Know It movie poster

The movie is a comedy about taking life one step at a time. The poster, on the other hand, is about how great Josh Duhamel looks great in a pair of briefs. Looks like all that runway work was put to good use.



#4 Josh in Boxer Briefs

Sure, he can pull off briefs (pause to envision Josh pulling off his briefs), but how does he look in a tight-fitting pair of boxer briefs? Pretty damn fine, it turns out. Here’s Josh hanging out with his wife, Fergie. He’s enough of a gentleman to watch his lady’s caboose as she walks in front of him.



#3 Rocking weird swimwear on Las Vegas

Here’s a man who is comfortable in front of the camera. Even in that less-than-desirable swimwear, he walks around with confidence and charm.



#2 Win a date with Josh

Josh tries on some new duds in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! The contrapposto position betrays his modeling background and shows off a slick pair of boxer briefs.


#1 Josh vs Ashton Kutcher

The competition that started it all! Back when they were just pretty faces, Josh Duhamel and Ashton Kutcher squared off in the aforementioned modeling competition. Josh came in first, just in front of Ashton! That’s some underwear-wearing skill.



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