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Jan 11 2013
Open Season Comments (12)

Lady Gaga's open letter to Kelly Osbourne is pretty sanctimonious; I don't think I can handle adults referring to bullying as it pertains to other adults anymore. Even if I accept that adults can bully adults, Gaga says she's against it but engages in it, and in fact is engaging in it by Kelly-osbourne-skinny-but-still-called-fat-fabulous-ukwriting an open letter to Kelly Osbourne, who is a paean compared to Gaga with her gigantic following.

I do not like Sharon Osbourne. I'm not exactly wild about Kelly, either. And I think it's fair to point out that all these fashion shows are just grown-up versions of bullying, which must be an odd message that kids receive when told it's always wrong to act that way, and then seeing stuff like this.

But Gaga's approach is all wrong, unnecessarily public and smacks of a Christ complex.

I haven't written her off or anything, I'm just turned off by this letter, as I was by her bizarre melt-down letter of a few months back.



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