And The Funny Kept Rolling In (And Out) Your Nightly Briefing 

Jan 21 2013
"Marlon Brando™, Jimmy Dean™/On The Cover Of A Magazine" Comments (2)

Madonna and Marlon Brando's estate have apparently come to terms over a lawsuit filed by the Brandowildonelatter over the former's use of the acting icon's image in her MDNA Tour. Brando's estate was demanding $100,000 per use or $1 million per use when done willfully after Madonna continued the tour without settling.

I think it's ridiculous that the celebrity's estate should be able to collect a dime for this kind of use. Yes, there is money involved, but it's for entertainment/artistic purposes, not specifically commercially—no image of Brando on a vacuum cleaner.

This isn't about Madonna or, more generally, about a rich popstar. The suit and settlement has the potential to restrict mentions of famous folks in art across the spectrum—making it so that nobody but the richest can afford to incorporate them into their work.



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