More Beards Than At The Academy Awards! Conrad Bain Dies At 89 

Jan 16 2013
New Old Tricks Comments (1)

"Ready for more? Whatcha waitin' for?"

So begins the new season of Old Dogs & New Tricks, the hilarious Web series about middle-aged (if Old-Dogs-New-Trickswe expect to live into our hundreds!) gay men  in L.A. that this year adds Doug Spearman to the cast.

Appopriately, the season opener is about open relationships and about the opening of "Nathan"'s (Leon Acord) mind when it comes to sex with a man young enough to be his son. Of course, we're also treated to some extremely frank talk about anal sex and some catty comments you'll want to write down for future use.

Check it out here when it premieres on January 30.



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