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Jan 10 2013
Nominations & Not Comments (5)

I was pleasantly surprised by most of the Oscar nominations (for the record, I think Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, Quvenzhane Wallis, Anne Hathaway, Sally Field and John Hawkes gave some of the year's best performances), especially the love shown to Beasts of the Southern Wild.

But just to check:

Helen Hunt is more deserving of a nomination for playing a woman who has to have sex with a quadriplegic than John Hawkes is for playing the quadriplegic? Gotcha.

I actually hate high-profile snubs because I usually feel bad for the admittedly already richly rewarded un-nominees. For example, I'm sorry, but while Ben Affleck was a weak acting link in his Argo he fucking deserved a nomination for directing it, as did Tom Hooper for making Les Miz work as a movie. I liked Zero Dark Thirty fine, but I'm not so surprised that it underperformed; it's just good, but not ground-breaking or really all that interesting as a drama or as a showcase of acting. I don't believe Chastain will win for that...her performance is just a lot of lockjaw. I would look for either Jennifer Lawrence—as different in every role as Chastain has been so far—or perhaps even Emmanuelle Riva to scoop that one away from her.

All the noms here.



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