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Jan 01 2013
Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close-Minded Comments (1)

Torii-HunterHis comments weren't a hit with people who don't see an "ick" factor in being gay

Detroit Tigers hitter Torii Hunter says he was misquoted when the L.A. Times reported he said:

"...as a Christian...I will be uncomfortable [having a gay teammate] because in all my teachings and all my learning, biblically, it's not right. It will be difficult and uncomfortable."

He now says:

"If you know me you know that I am not anti anything and to be portrayed as anti-gay in this article is hurtful and just not true."

If the misquote was—as he claims—put together from two separate quotes, I wonder in what non-anti-gay context he said the part about how being gay is not right, biblically?




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