Ham And Egg Let's Talk About Sex 

Jan 15 2013
To The Victor Comments (4)

Actor Victor Garber has confirmed that he is gay in yet another variation on the public coming-out process. While doing press in L.A., he was being interviewed by Greg Hernandez and got into a discussion about what's true and what's false on Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia lists Garber's partner's name, Greg asked if that were true and reportable and Garber said that yes it was true, everybody knows but he just never really talks about it. (This article may be why Wikipedia allowed the info—Garber was on the record as out last year...but nobody took note!)

I'm all for people having grand announcements to sell books, I'm all for people making their coming-out statement political, I'm all for Jodie Foster making it official while acidly complaining about being pressured to do so and I am all for celebrities casually confirming it and moving on.

Out is out and it helps; it helps our society (especially young people) see that being gay is not some rare anomaly, and it helps the state of journalism, which forever and ever has put sexual orientation into a category all its own while far more damaging bits of "personal" info are fair game.

Congrats to Greg for the tastefully handled scoop.




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