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Feb 04 2013
50 Superhot Hosts, Newsmen & Presenters Comments (31)

800px-SennMicrophoneMagic mic

Anchorman-Sequel-1333031817I'm certain I'm forgetting some, so rather than put a set-in-stone ranking out there, I thought I'd do this list of superhot TV hosts/newsmen/presenters alphabetically. They're all sexy in their own way, no?

Please feel free to post names that belong on this list, especially locals I might otherwise never get to ogle...


Jim Cantore (1964—)

One of The Weather Channel's best-recognized meteorologists, Cantore has been on the channel over 25 years, come rain or come shine. If you like Chris Meloni types, there's a 60% chance of heavy drizzle any time you see this guy shirtless.


Sam Champion (1961—)

Though I found him so much more attractive before some of the tweaks he's made as concessions to a life in front of the camera, there's no denying his blue-eyed blond good looks and sporty bod. I remember in the '90s when people would gossip about him having a sex dungeon on Fire Island, which might've just been the equivalent of TV buffs gossiping in the '60s that Jim Nabors and Rock Hudson were married—in other words, a more creative way of saying he was gay. Well, he was and is and is now a very high-profile out broadcaster, and one whose wedding to his partner should serve as an inspiration for the many other public figures who remain closeted...including one of his co-workers.


Andy-cohen-shirtless-miami-red-swimsuit-04182011-02-435x580Andy Cohen (1968—)

A unique entity on television, Cohen, as a Bravo exec, put himself on TV and became a personality unafraid to be both gay and sexual. Because of that, and because of his gushing appreciation for his network's female-driven are, he's a sex symbol for both gay guys and straight chicks. Also, he looks surprisingly hot in a swimsuit. Which is weird, because a friend tells a story of how, many years ago, David Geffen sent people down to the beach on Fire Island to gather only the cute boys for a big party, and poor Andy was not selected. I guess he wasn't Geffen's type.


Jon-stewart-stephen-colbertSteve Carell, Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert (1964—)

I wasn't quite sure if I should include him. It's not that he isn't hot as hell (he is!), it's just that his character makes his talk show dangerously close to being a fiction and this list is reserved for hosts. But I think he's more real than fake and I've always found a quick-witted man good at roasting Republicans arousing.


7 Gary-Collins
Gary Collins (1938—2012)

It's easy to be TV-star handsome when you are a TV star, and Collins was that and more as the host of Hour Magazine in the '80s. (Check him out interviewing Jane Wyman about marrying Cesar Romeo on Falcon's Crest.) He had the gravitas of a politician but the fuckability of a Cosmopolitan centerfold. He died of natural causes following a series of ignoble run-ins with the law and a late-in-life separation from his Miss America wife of many decades, Mary Ann Mobley.


Bert-convyBert Convy (1933—1991)

Boy, I had a crush on this guy. It started when he hosted Tattletales, got worse when he hosted Super Password and reached its zenith when he hosted Win, Lose or Draw. Loved his handsome face and all that groovy hair (or was it magic hair?). Never knew he originated the role of "Cliff" in Cabaret on Broadway until I researched the show this week. Sadly, Convy died of brain cancer at age 57.


Anderson Cooper (1967—)

Openly gay host of everything from ABC news programs to The Mole (where his unholy alliance with Kathy Griffin was struck) to his own hard-news CNN show to his talk show, Cooper—and his sexy silver-fox looks—have been everywhere on TV for the past 15 years. As a bonus, once he met his bartending boyf, his biceps swelled up like a Real Housewives housewife's cheeks. Plus he's rich. With looks, a body and money, I'm not sure what else he'd need to turn your head.


Chris Cuomo (1970—)

When future First Brother Cuomo was filing reports on 20/20 or Good Morning America, I always found it hard to pay attention because paying attention to him made me hard. He looks chiseled out of marble and often has an expression that seems to be saying, "Why are you staring at me?" when by now he must know perfectly well why.


2 Tony-Danza

Tony Danza (1951—)

He's really more known as an actor, but in the past 20 years Danza has done hosting duties on the regular. And since he's #20 on my list of History's Hottest TV Actors, it only makes sense he'd rank high on my list of hosts with the most.


Evan Farmer (1972—)

Not only is Evan stunningly hot, he's also a doll—I got to know him when he was acting as a part of the fake boy band 2Ge+her, focal point of an MTV scripted series. I'm proud that most of the racy images of him on the Internet come from my former magazine. Farmer was always cute as a boyfriend-material button hosting While You Were Out, but the most interesting thing on his CV has to be his membership in a Russian boy band in the '90s.


Kevin Frazier (1964—)

Wikipedia claims he is 48, but I don't think I can really believe that. I mean, look at him! I haven't warmed up to omg! Insider, which a friend sums up as being geared toward 14-year-olds, but I've definitely warmed up to this telegenic host.


Mark Goodman (1952—)

He was one of MTV's original VJs, a gig during which he always seemed high and horny to me. Or maybe it was wishful thinking. He was kind of a better-looking Oates. Since then, he's continued on a career course predominantly in radio in spite of having a face for TV.


Bill Hemmer (1964—)

Oh, her? Yes, her. I know—I haven't been able to stand her since she moved to Fox, either. The commentary on Hillary Clinton alone was enough to turn my stomach. But she's still awfully pretty. And a confirmed spinster, if you don't count being seen on the town with Dara Tomanovich, which I don't. I mean, she's allegedly a "devout" Roman Catholic, but she can't be all that devout if she's an adult woman in her forties who isn't married...she's gotta be breaking at least one Catholic rule.  There's a story there. (I think this entire list would be more entertaining if we switched pronouns, and this entry was the test.)


1 vj-rich1

VJRichVJ Rich (Herrera) (19?—)

This Ohio-born Filipino has been the toast of MTV Asia, working in Thailand and Singapore, as well as Europe. I can't help but feel we may be exporting our best talent—get a load of that mug! He's got a fine-ass body to go along with his winning disposition, and he's also into giving back to his community via various charities.


I do love a giver...sometimes it's better to receive than to give, don't you think?


Itay Hod (1971—)

This Israeli-born Logo correspondent seems intense and serious when reporting news, but in person at events looks like a pornstar. Something about the lips. Or is it the body?


T.J. Holmes (1977—)

This CNN, BET and MSNBC anchor can hardly keep his shirt on. And that's not a criticism.


Steve Jones (1977—)

Jones, a Welsh presenter who was quite popular in the UK, came over to host the first season of The X less than satisfying results. He's been sent packing, but packing he seems to be—woof!



Adam Joseph (19?—)

Thirtysomething WPVI Philly meteorologist Joseph shows up on many "hottest newscaster" lists—and how could he not? The word "succulent" comes to mind. Also, he's definitely obsessed with sex:


Greg Kinnear (1963—)

He was just plain easy on the eyes as the phenomenally popular host of E!'s Talk Soup 20 years ago, but he really did grow into a soulfully handsome dude throughout his movie career, don't you think? Those expressive eyes. I guess I can forgive him playing a Kennedy in a right-wing piece of crap since he also played Bob Crane.


4 Matt-Kirkwood-WOOD TV Grand Rapids
Matt Kirkwood (1969—)

This guy's job is at WOOD-TV 8—sometimes, they just write themselves. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this meteorologist was named one of the country's sexiest by Mother Nature Magazine, and it's not nice to fool Mother Nature.



Matt Lauer (1957—)

I find him insufferable, but I've also always found him physically quite appealing. He's only gotten sexier as he's aged. My first exposure to Today's man in the late '90s was when a friend's rich roommate casually mentioned that he'd socialized with Lauer and that Lauer was gay. He was the only person who ever said that to me, but it was enough to intrigue me. By the time it seemed obvious the rumor had been only that, I was too deep into an elaborate, imaginary relationship with him to forget the image.


Don Lemon (1966—)

I was going to say something about wanting to suck this Lemon's juice, but that sounded so crass as I thought it. Instead, how about we wonder what an X-rated date with him would be like in the context of the old saying "a lady in the streets..."—he has a sophisticated, erudite air that would work so well at a meeting with your parents, you know? But there is fire in the hole—remember when he picked a public fight with Jonah Hill? Lemon said he'd just been trying to say to Hill, "I like you, I think you're funny." I just hope Mr. Lemon will be gracious when I stop him in public to grope him, which is my innocent way of saying, "I like you, I think you're cute."


8 Jeff-Lennox-WSVN
Jeff Lennox (19?—)

Miami could be described as "hot and steamy," and so could its WSVN anchor Jeff Lennox. He left the biz between his last gig and this one, a terrifying thought considering how at home he is in front of the camera.



Mario Lopez (1973—)

Switching back and forth from being a TV actor to hosting things like Extra, America's Best Dance Crew and X Factor, Lopez has the dimples and the derriere for he job(s). Seeing him taping Extra in person in Vegas, I was blown away by his in-person star quality.


Rob Marciano (1968—)

This youthful meteorologist came to Entertainment Tonight from CNN last year and has been working on looking like he gives a shit about celebrity news ever since. His awkwardness is not sexually off-putting.


Miguel Marquez (1967—)

Only Miguel Marquez could make watching harrowing footage from Iraq into foreplay. Plus, he's gay, so it's not all fantasy-based fantasizing. Unless you start factoring in the odds that he'd sleep with you if you met one-on-one, then you're back to the same odds as winning serious money from a scratch-off ticket.


Joel-mchale-shirtless-sexy-underwearJoel McHale (1971—)

This host of The Soup has transitioned admirably into being a viable comedic leading man. Although I'm not a fan of Community, he seems poised for movie stardom thanks to his innately humorous disposition and looking, well, like that with no shirt on.


Tom McNamara (19?—)

A staple of PM Magazine in the late '70s and the '80s, McNamara had the look of the kind of guy who would never watch his own show, a precursor to Entertainment Tonight. Loved his 'stache. Unlike many others who used PM Magazine to launch much bigger careers (Tom Bergeron and Matt Lauer spring to mind), McNamara wound up anchoring local news.


Raphael Miranda (1977—)

Watching this WNBC New York weekend meteorologist in action brings to mind Marilyn Monroe singing "Heat Wave". Hot stuff!


Carter Oosterhouse (1976—)

He really livened up Trading Spaces when he joined, leading to his own shows (Carter Can, Million Dollar Rooms). His appearance in People as one of TV's sexiest dudes was the "duh" of all time.



Ty Pennington (1964—)

Ever since Trading Spaces, he's been a good fix for making any boring show worth a gander. Never more so than on Extreme Home Makeover, which is otherwise some kind of non-sexual pornography anyway.



Jeff Probst (1961—)

I definitely miss his cheeks, but the Survivor host is certainly a macho stud who should be naked more often. (As he apparently was in some indiscreet selfs that surfaced on the 'Net last year.)


Quddus (1980—)

This Canadian Total Request Live and Duets host has a delicate sort of beauty, the kind that doesn't involve mutually consenting near-violence when you close your eyes and picture how your third date ends. Wouldn't it be better to just spend the evening wrapping your finger around a curl in his (now-shorn) hair, or tracing it over his doll-like features? Well, okay, the other stuff would be a good option, too.


Rashad_AhmadAhmad Rashād (1949—)

Gay guys don't usually get far with men who've adopted Muslim names and have been married four times, but one can still dream. This all-American pro football player was eye candy for non-sportos as a color commentator for both ABC and NBC.


Mike Richards (1975—)

This fresh-faced kid is actually a seasoned TV producer as well as a host, first popping up on Beauty and the Geek and now hosting the truly shitty update of $25,000 Pyramid, called simply Pyramid. Lousy show with embarrassingly ill-equipped celebrity contestants, but the host is gold.


Thomas Roberts (1972—)

It doesn't get much hotter than football-ready, openly gay Roberts, who first hit my radar when he was on Entertainment Tonight and then The Insider. Since, he's rebranded himself as a hard-news guy on MSNBC...but he's not above acting cameos. He knows he's hot. And he's got a hot husband now, too, so you can daydream about breaking up a marriage along with simply seducing an anchor.


Mike-RoweMike Rowe (1962—)

He's a Dirty Jobs host, but somebody's gotta do him. If this list were ranked, he'd probably be my #1, and it sucks that his Dirty Jobs job has been pink-slipped. The ultimate blue-collar fantasy man, he's seemingly amused by his status as a bear god.



Chris Saldana (19?—)

I had the pleasure of attending a Chippendales show with this 8 News Now/KLAS-TV anchor from Vegas. And you know what? He would have elicited just as many shrieks from the audience himself if he'd jumped up onstage.


Hal Sparks (1969—)

Greg Kinnear's Talk Soup replacement was this feisty little devil with the mischievous eyes. What a thrill it was when his transition into acting meant explicit gay sex in Queer as Folk.


Marc-Steines-2Mark Steines (1964—)

It's a bit of a boner-killer that Steines is so, so, so squeaky-clean—a family man, he's still married to beauty queen Leanza Cornett and now hosts a show on Hallmark Channel, of all places. But seeing him at the Entertainment Tonight desk from '95—'12 was always a turn-on. Just a gorgeous, fit guy made for the business he chose.


CurlystewartJon Stewart (1962—)

Like that Russian chick on that episode of Seinfeld once said, comedians are rumored to be the best lovers. Maybe that's why funnyman/host with the most Stewart holds my attention even when he's not making me laugh. Brains trump brawn, but I'd like his hairy body even if it came attached to a mimbo. I particularly love this early-years photo of J.Stew's hot jewfro! (The last two sentences accidentally rhymed, but I'm not going to get into fan-fiction poetry dedicated to TV hosts. I'm just not.)


Sven-Sundgaard-KARE11 Minn St Paul
Sven Sundgaard (19—)

SundgaardAn on-air personality from KARE-11 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Sundgaard is more a piece of ass than a meteorologist, and yet is considered pretty good at being the latter. So that tells you what an amazing piece of ass he is. He's also an activist, working tirelessly to raise money to help those living with HIV/AIDS. He has raised money and eyebrows by appearing shirtless on a magazine cover to promote his activities, and my policy is always: If you can raise money by removing your clothes, do both.



Alan Thicke (1947—)

One of the worst talk shows ever, Thicke of the Night still had a superhot host. Although, I will say Daddy Thicke lost a lot of his sex appeal once he became the father on Growing Pains.


Peter Tomarken (1942—2006)

Press Your Luck was one of my least favorite game shows, but that was torture because Tomarken was exactly my type—dark features and an ability to trail charm like a snail trails goo. He looked like a sexual dynamo concealed in a corduroy jacket. Sadly, the big-hearted host and his wife perished when the small plane he was piloting—on a mercy run to pick up a cancer patient—crashed into Santa Monica Bay.


Daniel Tosh (1975—)

This Comedy Central host's personality is pretty annoying, but that can be erotic, too. Mostly, he's just plain cute to look at. And for the record, it would be hilarious if he was raped by, like, five guys right now.


Alex Trebek (1940—)

The Canadian poobah of Jeopardy! is pretty hot 'n' happening even in his seventies, but he was even more so back in the '70s when he was hosting High Rollers and other, less brain-taxing TV shows.


Jamison_uhler_300x169Jamison Uhler (1975—)

A part of WFTS-Tampa, this beauty had previously been a Philly anchor. Imagine how much it must've stung when he was snatched away? Along with his duties of being physically perfect, he's a big supporter of efforts to end domestic violence. So he's cute and concerned? Doesn't that just make your ring finger itch?


Mike-Woods-hot-shirtlessMike Woods (1961—)

I try not to watch Fox in any capacity, but Mike Woods—an on-air at NNYW-Fox5 in Buffalo—would put that resolution to the test. He works at Good Day New York, and yet it's hard to imagine seeing him shirtless would lead to anything less than a Great Day. He appears on last year's short list of 15 Hottest Weather Forecasters as chosen by Business Insider, which is their way of selecting meteorologists to whom they'd like to give the business.



Chris Wragge (1970—)

He was even hotter as a newbie on Entertainment Tonight 15 years ago, but this NYC-based CBS anchor sure hasn't lost his looks—or his body. He married a Playmate so you know he's got a libido to outshine his killer smile, too.



Dweezil Zappa (1969—)

Frank's son had radical eyebrows (which I love) and a totally California-dewd vibe that made him as fun to watch on MTV as a Pat Benatar video.


628x471A few dudes I considered but couldn't squeeze into my 50: Mike Adamle (1980s WLS Chicago TV sports dude), Johnny Carson, Dick Clark, Ron Corning, pre-manorexia Carson Daly, Richard Dawson (who made the risk of oral herpes seem worth it), Mark DeCarlo, Jimmy Fallon, Doug Kammerer, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman, Chris Miller (KOMO-TV Seattle—pictured), Nickelodeon's Phil Moore, David Muir, Ryan Nobles (Richmond, Virginia), Ken Ober, Geraldo Rivera (Bette Midler banged him, ask her why I left him out), Steve Vesey (WIVB Buffalo) & Brian Williams.



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