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Feb 25 2013
Invasion Of The Snatched Bodies Comments (10)

TV and Broadway star Christopher Sieber is one fine specimen, but he did gain some weight in recent years. Now, he's lost it all and looks better than ever, and it's apparently due to a six-week (only six weeks?) program at Mark Fisher Fitness called Snatched. From the Web site, it appears to be kettlebells (group sessions only) and lots of nutritional info for about $700.

Sieber had such a transformation that his fee was comped—whoever is deemed to be the most transformed in each class gets it free.


Oddly, Max von Essen—already physically perfect—did the same program. He, of course, inched even more into perfection.

They must be targeting Broadway and other noteworthy people to get people like me to take notice. Mission accomplished!



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