Instagramadonna Wanted Woman 

Feb 10 2013
For Laughs Comments (5)

Anyone catch Justin Bieber on SNL? His acting was good. He's especially good when he's doing an over-the-top character, but is slightly hampered by this intense heartthrob "you know you want me" voice he seems unable to shake whenever he's playing himself or a lower-key character.

His singing was pretty terrible, raspy and overwrought. When he finished his final song, he looked ready to remove his own underwear and whiff it.

Along the way, he admitted to smoking marijuana and apologized for it, allowed his appearance to be mercilessly mocked (the typical lesbian/Ellen DeGeneres look-alike jokes were made), swore, took pictures of his dick with a cellphone and flashed his abs.

Oh, and as usual, the show around him was pretty excruciating.



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