Aid Is Enough She Got Served 

Feb 01 2013
How'm I Dyin'?: Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Dies At 88 Comments (1)

NYC is abuzz with the news that former Democratic Mayor Ed Koch has died at 88. I was not a big EdKochfan of Mr. Koch, who is being remembered as bluntly honest but whose legacy regarding the AIDS epidemic (which was almost certainly clouded by his position in the closet) argues otherwise. On that tip, the eulogy I'd be most interested to read would be one written by Larry Kramer.

Still, a towering figure over the not-so-distant history of the city, Koch remained very visible and his endorsements (he broke ranks with his party to back George W. Bush in 2004—ugh!) made news right up until the end of his life.

He is also well remembered for paying off NYC's federal debt and for his unabashed love of the city.

One tidbit that's being widely reported is that Koch was at peace with death—he had purchased an engraved tombstone and planned his final services. But also poignant is the fact that a documentary on his life!



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