Take This Job And Shove It Gay Marriage: Celebrities Who Married LGBT Spouses 

Feb 11 2013
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Gay-Accidental-BearA tour to benefit LGBT mental health/suicide prevention = music to my ears

*widget boy cultureAccidental Bear launches summer queer-music tour.

*widget boy cultureTaylor Swift is now Kathy Griffin's Seinfeld character.

*widget boy cultureNIGHT OF SHE-IGUANA: Courtney Stodden's new video. Chris-Pine

*widget boy culture478 (!) red-carpet looks from Oscar history.

*widget boy cultureUrge DC Comics to drop traitor Orson Scott Card.

*widget boy cultureAs a mom, Shirley MacLaine made a great actress.

*widget boy cultureHalf-nekkid model's got nice eggs.

*widget boy cultureDecrepit anti-gay mayor resigns.

*widget boy cultureAdam Lambert is our new Liza.

*widget boy culture"40 is the new dead": Fresh Mike Diamond.

*widget boy cultureRussia should have "private zones for LGBT"???

*widget boy cultureBatman & Robin: Bulging with queerness.

Burtward2Wonder no more—he ain't no Boy!




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