Lena Dunham Meets "Zero Dark Thirty" MDNA To Z 

Feb 28 2013
Need To Know: Papi Perez, Give A Dogg A Bone, How Soon They Forget + MORE Comments (4)

Perez-hilton-and-son-child-father-birth-announcement(1)__oPtNo kidding

*widget boy culturePerez Hilton is now a papi.

*widget boy cultureSnoop Dogg's son goes naked. (Remember, I like it ruff.) Corde-Snoop-Dogg-Van-Cliburn

*widget boy cultureMan kills mysterious sea creature in NJ.

*widget boy cultureI hope whoever did the Oscars' memorial list dies.

*widget boy cultureLike me on Facebook, boo.

*widget boy cultureRare Madonna interview from '85.

*widget boy cultureGuns for Beyoncé tickets?

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé's gross sneakers made of every zoo animal.

*widget boy culturePhoenix bans gay bias following 5-hour bile-fest.

*widget boy cultureCloseted gay pianist Van Cliburn dies at 78.

*widget boy cultureTeen actor comes out...as a straight guy.

*widget boy cultureMarilyn Musgrave still a bigot.

*widget boy cultureOver Exit Out, a film about gay suicide.

*widget boy cultureDemi Lovato is at risk for a "Heart Att-a-a-a-a-a-ack":




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