"Norton, My Friend, How Would You Like to F*ck Me Up The A**?" Your Nightly Briefing 

Feb 05 2013
"When It Goes To Your Head, It Goes To Your Head" Comments (4)

One of the most reviled paparazzi in the world—Steve Sands—was taken down by police on the set of Smash in Times Square. The video suggests he was arrested, but it ends before we can tell whether he was actually taken in. It's also unclear what law he was breaking.

In the past, Sands has starred in a film about paparazzi. He was also the shooter who was infamous in 2004 for making recently separated actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos weep after she refused to pose for photos at an event, badgering her with comments like, "Now I know why your husband left you!"

Watch him either get unfairly cuffed or his comeuppance after the jump...




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