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Feb 09 2013
Time's Up Comments (7)

TemporalI thought this sign was accidentally quite existential

In order to keep potential advertisers satisfied, I've been going back through all 15,000+ of my posts—one by one—to delete any images that show nudity (even cracks), pubes, anything too suggestive (such as see- Temporalthrough clothing or obscene bulges) and any foul language in my headers.

Yeah, it's not fun.

So far, I've successfully bowdlerized November 2005 (my blog's birth) through January 2007. Only six more years' worth of posts to go. Yay.

But in looking back at old posts, it's depressing how many of them are worthless now because they hinged on YouTube videos that no longer exist. Even more are worthless because they were so timely that looking back now all I can think is, "Who cares if Wentworth Miller was gay? Who was Donnie Davies? What does Bush's approval % from seven years ago matter now?"

The posts that hold up are the ones with original writing and the ones with lots of lovely images. The temporal stuff is expired like old bread.

Makes one question one's use of time.

Making it more SFW is important because I simply can't devote time to a site that generates no money at all. I'll never live off of it, but "labor of love" only goes so far. I hope to keep the site sexy and interesting while still a viable potential spot for advertisers.




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