A Movie Star Still Alive 90 Years After Her Debut Lowering-The-Bar Crawl 

Feb 24 2013
Need To Know: Bromance, Humor, DOMA, Bearding, Girls, Stallone, Idol + MORE! Comments (7)

Taylor-Lautner-Patrick-SchwarzeneggerSomeone looks guilty!

*widget boy cultureTaylor Lautner & Patrick Schwarzenegger take a drive. Barbara-Stanwyck-American-Idol

*widget boy cultureAlmost as importantly, Pres. Obama files DOMA brief.

*widget boy cultureParenting for dummies complete idiots.

*widget boy cultureGay Inc.'s "appalling silence" on Bradley manning.

*widget boy cultureLesbian millionaires are the "chupachupacabra!"

*widget boy cultureWelcome to vintage TV-movie paradise.

*widget boy cultureUpdate on marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureGay activist's family seeks answers in his sudden death.

*widget boy cultureDebating the merits of Girls.

*widget boy cultureDetailing the gay merits of Sylvester Stallone.

*widget boy cultureDanny Aiello still kinda douchey about Madonna.

*widget boy cultureMadonna busted by Instagram.

*widget boy cultureThe unkindest cut of all.

*widget boy cultureBlake Skjellerup's A+ butt. (Work Unfriendly—quit!)

*widget boy cultureAmerican Idol will cut a bitch.

*widget boy culture9TH COMMANDMENT ALERT: Vatican says no gay cabal exists...or at least objects to the insinuation.

*widget boy cultureMarilu Henner mentions her time as Travolta's ...um... girlfriend while Grease opened in Europe.

*widget boy cultureHelp The Trevor Project: Bid on this salacious-looking book that, in Spanish, would be about nekkid brothers:

Mark-Roeder-Nudo-TwinsWhich one pitches and which one catches?




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