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Mar 14 2013
Flaming Fairies: The NEW YORK POST Has No Cred On Gay Issues Comments (5)

TrannyI don't argue that Dee was a hero, but the Post's writing seems to argue she wasn't a human being

GLAAD has refused a press-credential request from the New York Post, citing such recent Post headlines as:

"Fire kills tranny in dairy den"

I don't believe, as GLAAD does, that the word "tranny" is as universally insulting as the N-word. Plenty of transgender folks and drag queens ("drag queen" sounds like a term that will be considered offensive in a few years) use the word freely, and not just in the "reclaiming a hateful word" way that we have seen with black people using the N-word of gay people using "faggot."

However, the context is unmistakably dehumanizing and contemptuous when the Post—whose anti-gay coverage of AIDS in the '80s spawned GLAAD in the first place—uses "tranny" (and "she-male") in headlines to sensationalize and make light of stories about rape and assault and murder.


Reading the headline I highlighted above absolutely reminded me of the anti-gay coverage of Stonewall in the '60s, and especially of the heartless news coverage of the infamous Upstairs Lounge fire. Back then, when 29 gay people were burned alive,  The media was as anti-gay as the populace back then.

The Post is still publishing in the past, and, for all of its arguable flaws, GLAAD is trying to push the media into the present. I think GLAAD's decision is appropriate and I applaud them for making it.



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