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Mar 05 2013
Signs Of The Times: Deep-"Seated" Homophobia Comments (5)

With thanks to Boy Culture reader Dave: Check out this endorsement, proudly displayed in Havertys Furniture in Austin, Texas. They think it's cute as hell, but it doesn't take oversensitivity to realize a statement like this says (1) men should not sit too close, (2) "manly" men are not gay and (3) men who do sit too close are gay and "weird." Incredible that businesses can be so ignorant. Maybe corporations really are people...small-minded people.

I'm pointing it out to them to see if they realize it's kind of a stupid sign and decide to remove it.

If they don't, it's their right to keep it up and to broadcast any message they like to their customers. But I'm willing to bet a lot of manly gay men who are looking to furnish their homes wouldn't appreciate this dated sentiment and might look elsewhere.

UPDATED: The store says to me: "We have another sign in the works for that group." Hm. Even if the sign is pro-gay, I don't think businesses should be putting up subtly anti-gay messaging and then acting as if pro-gay messaging balances it out. That isn't how it works. A sign mocking short people isn't less offensive if it is complemented by a sign celebrating short people. But let us see if the new sign for "that group" looks good over there...or maybe over there?



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