Guess Who? Don't Screw. It Ain't Even Funny 

Mar 23 2013
Need To Know: Anderson Cooper Is One Grumpy Cat, Wannabe Wear, Waxing Taylor Lautner + MORE Comments (0)

Grumpy-Cat-Anderson-CooperGrumpy Cat was far from the purr-fect guest at Anderson Live

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper meets out-of-the-litterbox sensation Grumpy Cat.

*widget boy cultureSF Archbishop thinks same-sex marriages "dehumanize" us.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Madonna-clothesclothing line was...literal.

*widget boy cultureTaylor Lautner gets waxed.

*widget boy cultureStreet art auction. Please buy me some.

*widget boy cultureThe assassination of JFK, as told by his last doctor.

*widget boy cultureKentucky governor vetoes anti-gay leglislation.

*widget boy cultureClose-up shot of an Australian tornado.

*widget boy cultureFacebook never lies:

Madonna-ageIt never gets old!



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