ON-J: 'Nope, I'm Not Gay' Making Sense Of A Senseless Loss 

Mar 05 2013
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Underwear-Expert-shirtless-male-modelA spring in their steps

This is the sixteenth in a series of articles by The Underwear Expert

A new crop of spring underwear campaigns has been released in the past few weeks. Check out The Underwear Expert's Top 5 below...

#5 Garcon Model

The new Canadian brand is doing away with its clean-cut sand dune explorer image in favor of this grungier, "sex sells" campaign. Greasy mechanic in underwear? We'll take it.



#4 Quarter Homme

The new Quarter Homme Underwear is a cross between brief and trunk (don't call it a brunk, please). The campaign for this new style is more colorful and carefree than previous efforts from the brand. Andrew Tumer, Quarter Homme's new face, sets the mood with his goofball smile.



#3 ES Collection

ES Collection has claimed that this line of swimwear is not for shy men. We can see why! Photos of the swimwear show sexy, revealing looks on confident models. If you have reservations about showing skin, look somewhere else for your swim shorts this season. And yes, those are swim singlets.



#2 C-IN2

Mike Stalker, a fresh model from New York and Fordham soccer player, fronts a new campaign that's gotten a lot of attention since it was released a few weeks ago. Wonder why...? Learn more about the guy here.



#1 2Eros

The 2EROS Black Label campaign is all about active men who enjoy luxury. With advanced moisture wicking and an extra-soft fabric blend, you'll be comfortable whether you're lounging in a limo or running across the court. 




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